Type Right

Type Right 1.0b8

Quick access to apps and phone numbers on your Treo

The developers of Type Right have put a lot of thought into the way you get around on your Treo, and have designed Type Right for Palm OS to make it quick to access the people and programs you need.

Type Right for Palm OS allows you to assign an application, phone number or groups of both to any key on your Treo keyboard. Holding down that key from anywhere on your Treo will launch the application or dial the number assigned to it!

Pressing the left-shift and space bar together brings up the Type Right QuickBar, giving you quick and easy access to your applications, contacts and recently visited websites anywhere on your handheld!

Type Right for Palm OS Features:

  • One button access to applications and phone numbers from anywhere on your device
  • QuickBar searching
  • Assign multiple applications to a single button
  • Re-configure the primary application launch buttons

Type Right


Type Right 1.0b8

— User reviews — about Type Right

  • leemo

    by leemo

    "Won't install!"

    Well, I would like to be able to rate this based on how it actually should function, however I have tried more than once... More.

    reviewed on April 5, 2007